Pushkar also called Pokkar or Pushkara is a great place of pilgrimage for Hinduism

The legend says it that the gods let loose a swan with a lotus in its beak. He had to drop this lotus where Brahma would perform a yagna (Hindu ritual). It was at Pushkar that knocked this lotus.

That is why Pushkar is one of the few places in India where is dedicated a temple to the God Brahma.

Monuments to visit

Pushkar is situated on the banks of Pushkar Lake. 52 ghats allow pilgrims to descend to the level of the lake to bathe in the sacred waters.


Every year in the month of October-November and ten days after Diwali, take place there one of the largest fairs camel. After the fair, camel racing and horses are organized, and a contest of the most beautiful animal. This is one of the largest cattle fairs in Asia.

Puskhar foire