Good manners in India

namaste2Never shake hands with your interviewer because some consider it an unclean act. Instead of shaking hands, greeting, clasping her hands under her chin and looking down. They accompany this gesture with”Namaste” or “Namaskar .

Photo 1129It is necessary to remove their shoes before enteringa temple, a house but also some stalls. Observe the feet of vendors; they appreciate not have to ask you.

Not dress in a light way; shorts, tank tops and short skirts are prohibited.

petite fille indienneFor photos, always ask permission before photographing a person, even if the answer will always be yes.

Photo 992In India, we eat and gives the right hand. The left hand is reserved for unclean tasks

Health in India

Drink mineral water sold everywhere.

To prevent malaria, protect yourself from mosquitoes; long sleeves, repellents. Avoid dark clothing and perfume; Connect the air conditioning.

In case of problems

Police tel 100

Firefighters, tel 101

Ambulance tel 102