There are two parts to the city: New and Old Manali.

New Manali, is the Indian city modern, chaotic wish as all Indian cities

Old Manali is the village at the top, older than old indo-Nepalese houses painted wood, a good example of ‘Indian rurality’.

It was a road open year-round, allowing rally Manali, it follows the Valley of Kullu-Manali, South and passes through the town of Kullu located 40 kilometres downstream.

In summer, the road to the Rothang (highest in the world, with a pass at an altitude of 5100 m) North of Manali, is open from June to November.

Many hikes are possible departing from Manali and sites of Old Manali and Vashisht are preferred destinations. It is also a passage from “the road of the gods”, 2nd high cart path of the world with passes exceeding 5000 m and leading to Leh, capital of Ladakh.

Monuments to visit

Manali Himalayas,_Manali     Manali -Rhotang_Pass       Manali Vieille ville

Hanogi Devi Temple is a site of pilgrimage well known in India.

The temple is dedicated to the deity Hango Mata. Thousands of travellers visit this temple not only to seek blessings of divinity, but also to enjoy the serenity.manali-Hanogi_Devi_Temple