Gwalior is a town in the district of the State of Madhya Pradesh Gwailor.

The legend claims that the name of the city comes from that of an ascetic, Gvalipa, that would heal a raja rajput, Suraj Sen of leprosy. The latter would then founded the city in thanks.

Gwalior is the hometown of Mian Tansen, one that is considered to be one of the greatest Indian musicians of all time.

Monuments to visit

Gwalior Fort de Gwalior amaGwalior Temple sas bahu wikipedia

The fort of Gwalior, which houses a number of historical buildings, is situated on a rocky platform that overlooks the city and which measures 2.4 kilometers.

The platform rises to 104 m. A wall surrounds the fort which is accessed by a road steep. The Citadel, located northeast of the enclosure, is a beautiful yellow stone building, decorated with clay tiles with images of the animal decorations, especially an amazing frieze of ducks.

Several noteworthy temples were built inside the enclosure. The group of Sas-Bahu.

In 1093, leaders Pal Kachawaha built two temples of Vishnu. The temples are pyramidal in shape, built of red Sandstone.